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Tips for Interior Decorating With Roman Shades

Over the past few yeas, Roman shades have grown increasingly popular, in the Oceanside area and across the country. Yet some homeowners remain leery of them, for the simple fact that they are not sure if they know how to properly decorate around them. By making the wise choice to partner with a true industry […]

Roman Shades in San Diego – Inside Vs Outside Mount

Inside vs outside mounted roman shades for your San Diego window¬†treatment. How do you know which way to go. Well it depends on a couple of things. Window Depth How deep is your window. If you have about an inch of depth then you can do an inside mount. This is fine but if you […]

The Benefits of Bamboo Roman Shades in San Diego

San Diego Roman shades are inexpensive and elegant window treatment to block the sun or prying eyes of nosy neighbors. Roman shades can be purchased or made cheaply and relatively simply by the do-it-youselfer. Traditional Roman shades are made from fabric that is pleated in regular intervals. Bamboo Roman shades, however, are a stylish alternative […]

San Diego Roman Shades – Types Of Roman Shades

Roman shades in San Diego give a glamorous look to your home; if you want to create some color and life in your interior you can opt for Roman shades for your home. Roman shades are very popular and they are liked by many people. If you are planning to get roman blinds for your […]

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