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Oceanside Woven Wood Shades – Understanding the Benefits

One of the most popular choices for window treatments in the Oceanside area would be woven wood shades. When you see them installed in homes in the area it is very quickly easy to understand why. Simply put, they look stunning but it is about the natural and earthy allure they provide that makes them […]

Vista Window Shades and Tips

What type of Vista window shade is best suited to your room? With all of the choices of shade that are on the market today, you may find it overwhelming to make a choice of just one window shade treatment style. However, it is important to remember that to choose the appropriate style and color for […]

Solana Beach Woven Wood Shades Have Wow Factor

Remember those old woven shades? When you wanted to raise one, you had to roll it up by hand like a humungous burrito and then while holding the unruly beast in place, secure it with a hand-tied knot. There were virtually no colors to choose from; I remember maybe three. And, matchstick bamboo was practically […]

Interior Wood Shutters and Woven Wood Shades Add Value in San Diego

When you want a custom look for your home, wood window treatments in San Diego are just what the decorator ordered. Interior wood shutters, also called plantation shutters, are a unique and sophisticated way to cover your windows. One advantage of interior wood shutters is their durability. Since wood shutters do not need replacement every […]

San Diego Woven Wood Shades – A Modern Window Treatment

The San Diego woven wood shade is an up to date window treatment that is highly used in corporate offices and in homes. One of the important materials that are used to construct these shades is bamboo and that’s why woven wood shade is also known as bamboo shade. The other materials that are used […]

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