Oceanside Shutter Tips

La Jolla Blind Repair

Your La Jolla window blinds are not only tools that block out sunlight from entering your home; they can also serve as indoor decorations of sorts, and add to your interior design. This is only the case, however, if your blinds are clean and in good shape. If your drapes are dirty, stained, and generally unsightly, […]

Finding the Best Shutters for Your San Diego Home

  Planning to do some redecorating in your own San Diego home? Or are you looking for some great home interiors for that dream house? One part of the house that one can always improve on would be the windows. There are different styles to choose from when deciding on remodeling one’s windows. There are […]

Picking the Right San Diego Wood Blinds

  Thinking of remodeling the windows of one’s San Diego house but do not know which kind of blinds to buy? Though there are several types of window blinds available out there in the market, one classic choice that never goes out of fashion are wood blinds. The home is commonly perceived as a reflection […]

The Upside of Faux Wood Plantation Shutters for Your San Diego Home

  Having a stylish San Diego home means upkeep. Sometimes designers and home owners forget when selecting elements for remodeling and decorating that keeping certain elements clean can be difficult and time consuming. Thankfully, that’s where the upside of San Diego faux wood plantation shutters lie. While many amazing embellishments can start to look old […]

Plantation Shutters – Function Meets Beauty for Your Oceanside Home

Plantation shutters are becoming a popular, effective way to add a new, elegant look to your Oceanside home. They are both functional and attractive. Parts of a plantation shutter Traditional plantation shutters have a rather simple design. Plantation shutters normally are made up of a set of full-length vertical panels, and can be divided into […]

Roman Shades in San Diego – Inside Vs Outside Mount

Inside vs outside mounted roman shades for your San Diego window treatment. How do you know which way to go. Well it depends on a couple of things. Window Depth How deep is your window. If you have about an inch of depth then you can do an inside mount. This is fine but if you […]

Oceanside Professional Window Covering Installation – What You Need To Know!

More and more homeowners are turning to professionals for help in selecting and installing their window coverings. Consumers choose Oceanside professional installation companies because they ensure high quality products, top notch fit and finish, and usually a guarantee. There are three distinct styles of window coverings a professional might suggest; blinds, plantation shutters (shutters) or shades. […]

San Diego Plantation Shutters – Choosing Between Traditional Wood and Hi-Tech Polycore Shutters

There are several factors that determine the functionality and the aesthetic quality of interior shutters for your windows which will make them stand out as an attractive feature of your room. These San Diego window shutters will have three modes of operation: shutter slats fully open to allow in maximum light; slats fully closed to […]

Indoor Plantation Shutters in San Diego

Indoor Plantation Shutters have a long history of beautifying one’s home and adding lasting re-sale value to your property. The attractive plantation shutters are often the first choice of window treatment chosen by decorators and home owners alike. They are the classic window coverings and make an elegant addition to every style of interior design. […]

PolyCore Plantation Shutters in San Diego

PolyCore is the world’s only solid synthetic shutter with a co-extruded aluminum core. PolyCore shutters in San Diego have a baked on waterborne paint, and are both fire retardant and moisture resistant. In addition to providing a strong insulation quality against the heat and cold, they are not very easy to clean and maintain. PolyCore […]

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