Plantation Vs. Polycore Shutters in Oceanside – Which is Right For You?

plantation polycore shutters oceanside caWhen Oceanside homeowners begin to delve into the world of exciting choices that they have for their window treatments, one question that they have is about shutters. With both plantation and polycore shutters in Oceanside being great options to have, how do you decide which one is right for you? Of course it starts with gaining a better understanding of each one and making a choice from there.

This also means making it a point to work only with a reputable and established Oceanside shutter company in order to get the insight that you need. Working with a fly by night company won’t provide you with an industry expert willing to educate you about the options that you have. So choose your company wisely and it will be that much easier to choose your window coverings wisely.

Knowing the Difference between Plantation Shutters & Polycore Shutters in Oceanside

To start with, both types are usually considered plantation shutters, one is made of wood and the other is constructed of polycore. For some people, nothing beats the look of real wood. So if you are one of those people then the wood version of plantation shutters would be ideal for you. On the other hand, some people don’t mind if their blinds just look like wood but are actually a synthetic alternative.

The reason polycore shutters in Oceanside can be a great choice is that it helps keep the cost low as well as provides you with a more durable option. Although wood is durable too, polycore can withstand more wear and tear without the need for repair. Plus, wood blinds require slightly more care when it comes to cleaning them in order to restore the natural beauty and preserve their value. Speaking of value, real wood shutters in Oceanside, CA will also help increase the value of your home more than polycore, making them more of an investment than just an expense.

Call in the Experts

By making the wise decision to partner with Shutter Nation – Oceanside San Diego you can feel good knowing that you are getting the best in high quality products but it is about more than that. We provide you with the exceptional customer service you need in order to feel confident about the choices you make for your window treatments. Call today to get started.

You will also appreciate the fact that we can provide you with these superior quality products for the lowest prices around. This is because we can offer you savings of up to 35% more than what you would pay at discount retailers like Costco. Not to mention, we can have your new shutters to you and installed in just two weeks.

If you are looking for plantation or polycore shutters in Oceanside, CA then please call 760-207-4083 or complete our online request form.