Roman Shades in San Diego – Inside Vs Outside Mount

Roman Blinds in San Diego
Inside vs outside mounted roman shades for your San Diego window treatment. How do you know which way to go. Well it depends on a couple of things.

Window Depth

How deep is your window. If you have about an inch of depth then you can do an inside mount. This is fine but if you want the shade to be fully recessed (flush mount) then you will need about 2 1/2 — 3 inches of depth. If you go with a hobbled roman, I would suggest at least 3 inches or more of depth for inside mounts. On hobbled roman shades the material sticks out further so you lose privacy. I knew a decorator who wasn’t aware of this and sold hobbled roman shades for a master bedroom without taking privacy into consideration. The customer loved the look but was not willing to live with the loss of privacy in her bedroom.

Room Darkening and Privacy

How much room darkening and privacy do you need. If your looking for room darkening then consider a outside mount. Reason is on inside mount roman shades you will have light gaps on each side. On an outside mount you can minimize the light coming through at the sides by making the shade a little wider than the frame. So if the width of your opening is 40 inches from frame to frame, then order the roman shade about 2 inches wider or 42 inches. Rule of thumb is the more overlap you have the more light you block out and more privacy you have.

Roman shades are a beautiful window treatment that you can enjoy for years. They can save money on energy bills and have such a wide variety of styles and colors to fit in with any decor in San Diego.

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