Tips for Interior Decorating With Roman Shades


Over the past few yeas, Roman shades have grown increasingly popular, in the Oceanside area and across the country. Yet some homeowners remain leery of them, for the simple fact that they are not sure if they know how to properly decorate around them.

By making the wise choice to partner with a true industry professional, you can get some help for advice on how to address this matter. Steer clear of companies posing as window treatment experts who cannot offer this kind of help because they are nothing more than glorified salespeople.

The truth is there are plenty of things you can do with a room that has these types of window shades. Here are just a few of the creative ideas you can run with.

Getting Creative with Decor

Roman shades create a beautiful look solo or paired with another style of window treatment. Here are some points to ponder:

Do you want the shades to be the focal point or background? This is something you have to decide early on, in order to make choices about your Roman shades and the other d├ęcor. For instance, if you want the shades to stand out, you may want to pick a more bold color choice, as opposed to subtle or neutral colors.

Take the fabric choice into consideration, as well. You can end up accidentally making your shades the center of attention just by the fabric you select. For instance, you may have opted for a neutral hue, but if the fabric is shiny it is still likely to steal the show.

You can also dress up your Roman shades with details like valances and tassel pulls. A reputable window treatment specialist can help you understand your options.

Getting the Best Service

Here at Shutter Nation of San Diego, we take what we do seriously. We are dedicated to our customers and provide the full service treatment, including helpful advice. Make it a point to call on us, in order to get the level of quality service that you want, need and deserve.

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