What to do When You Find You Need Shutter Repairs

shutter-repairs-oceanside-caYou’ve invested the time to choose just the right window treatments and have decided on shutters. You get these quality shutters installed in your Oceanside home and love the way that they look and the optimal amount of privacy and light control you have.

Then, something happens and you find yourself in need of shutter repairs. One thing to do is make sure that you follow through with scheduling service for your shutters. The last thing that you should do is simply learn to live with window treatments that are in a state of disrepair, when a true industry professional can take care of this for you.

Your shutters are meant to offer the best in functionality, as well as beauty. However, if left in a state of disrepair, they will be unable to offer either one, completely. Here is some of what you need to learn about when it comes to your shutters and keeping them in the best condition possible.

Don’t Make the Mistake of Neglecting Your Window Shutters

Your shutters have a job to do. They offer privacy, security and light control. They also impact both the interior visual aesthetics and the exterior curb appeal.
Plus, they even help to increase the property value of your home. However, all of this can only be true if your shutters are in good condition. If you find yourself in need of shutter repairs, here is some of what you should be aware of:

It is possible to replace a damaged louver, so it does not mean replacing the entire panel, in most cases. An expert can first assess if your louver needs minor repairs or replacement. In many instances, the damage is superficial and can be fixed with wood filler. However, if the damage is extensive enough, replacement may be the only option. Your window treatment expert can professionally match up the perfect looking louver to what you already have and swap out the old broken louver for a new one.

Tilt rods often need installing or replacing. This is another task that is best left to a professional. Letting a pro take care of the service needs you may have for your tilt rod will ensure that you get the quality work that you want, need and deserve. This will also help to ensure that the rod works correctly, from the first moment it is put into place.

Addressing the need for replacing hardware is another common issue. The hardware is what helps make your window coverings operational. This could be the hinge that enables it to fold or the lock that helps keep them closed and offers you the privacy you deserve. You need a professional who can locate the right replacement hardware, as well as install it properly. One even seemingly minor mistake will cause your shutters to be off kilter and not able to work the way that they were intended to.

Getting the Expert Service That You Need

Locals here know that the name to trust in for expert shutter repairs is Shutter Nation of San Diego. In most cases, opting for replacement of one or more shutters would be overkill. Yet, ask another self-proclaimed industry pro and they may try to coax you into total replacement.
Usually though, this is because the competition doesn’t even offer shutter repairs and sees this an easy opportunity to make a few extra dollars. We are one of the few window treatment service providers that can also offer skilled service work, like repairs. This dedication to taking excellent care of our clients is how we have earned and maintained the impeccable reputation that we have.

With over two decades of company history behind us, you can feel good about the level of quality service you can expect from us. We take this line of work seriously and have made it a point to always stay abreast of changes and innovations in the field, especially if it results in a better customer experience. Don’t throw in the towel when it comes to your damaged shutters, give us a call for expert repair work.

If you need shutter repairs in Oceanside, please call 760-207-4083 or complete ourĀ online request form.