Oceanside Woven Wood Shades – Understanding the Benefits

woven wood shades oceanside caOne of the most popular choices for window treatments in the Oceanside area would be woven wood shades. When you see them installed in homes in the area it is very quickly easy to understand why. Simply put, they look stunning but it is about the natural and earthy allure they provide that makes them such an ideal fit for this part of California. However don’t be fooled, this window covering option is about more than just good looks so let’s look at some of the other advantages offered by woven wood shades in Oceanside, CA.

Your Top Window Treatment Choice in Oceanside, CA

It is safe to say that woven wood blinds are pretty much the total package because they are good looking but have so much more to offer as well. In fact, one of the reasons that they have become so popular is because they are an eco-friendly option as well. Constructed from 100% organic materials, you get to choose from a wide variety of materials such as bamboo, jute, reed and so much more. This means you have a wide range of hues to choose from ranging from dark to light.

They are also ideal because you can pick shades that let in a lot of natural diffused light or block out the light almost as much as black out curtains, when the shades are drawn. This also helps provide you with the level of privacy that you and your family want. Of course, when rolled up, you can have all the light and unobstructed views that you want. Many homeowners appreciate that this window covering selection now also comes with the motorization option so you do not have to worry about cords and strings that can be safety hazards to children and pets.

The only real drawback is that these are not the ideal choice for using in humid and damp spaces, such as the kitchen or bathroom. These conditions can begin to break down the wood over time. Otherwise, these shades look and perform perfectly in any other room in your home. If you find yourself in need of a professional to meet with and discuss your options with, our Oceanside shutter company does happen to offer free in-home estimates here at Shutter Nation – Oceanside San Diego!

Why Choose Us for Woven Wood Shades in Oceanside

With over 20 years of hands on experience in this industry, the team here at Shutter Nation – Oceanside San Diego is ready, willing and beyond capable of getting the job done. In addition to offering a free estimate for woven wood shades in Oceanside, CA, we can also provide you with free temporary shades while you wait for your customized woven shades to arrive. We believe in going above and beyond for each customer we work with, so give us a call today to get started.

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