Woven Wood Shades in Oceanside

woven wood shades oceanside caWant a window treatment for your California home that will really enhance the interior? Then you should consider woven wood shades in Oceanside. Also referred to as bamboo shades or matchstick blinds, the look is unique and helps create a cohesive look that is rich and soothing. This can work perfectly for just about any look from modern to earthy to classic. They can help dress up a room or tone down one that might otherwise come across as stuffy or too sophisticated.

The important thing is realizing that the Oceanside shutters, blinds, and shades company you need to rely on to get the job done is Shutter Nation of San Diego. These type of blinds are also ideal for providing privacy while still letting light through. Plus, they are probably the least bulky and can be opened in order to provide you with a completely unobstructed view. With so many advantages, it only makes sense to want to opt for this type of window covering, or at least make it a top contender.

Woven Wood Shade Installation Pros

Woven shades are constructed from horizontally slatted wood materials, which can range from jute to bamboo and from reed to rattan. The difference in materials is what can create a difference in looks and even darkness. Certain woods will produce a lighter colored shade while others create a dark shade. It also comes down to the finish used to complete the hue and look. We can show you the options that you have during your free in-home estimate.

These types of window shades really can be incorporate in a wide variety of looks and applications; from your country cabin to a downtown penthouse. Let us show you all that we have to offer and help ensure that you make the best choices possible. The ultimate goal is to provide you with window coverings that you don't just live with, but actually love. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the options that we have available for you. You'll love our selection of top quality, affordable woven wood shades in Oceanside, CA.

North Oceanside Woven Shades

With over two decades of expertise in the field, we have seen plenty of trends and styles come and go, but woven wood shades in Oceanside remain a constant classic. By making the wise decision to partner with Shutter Nation of San Diego you can rest assured that we will go above and beyond when it comes to the workmanship and customer care that you get for your new window shades. Give us a call today and let us show you how we also have the lowest prices, coming in at 35% less than even Costco! We look forward to working with you and completing the look of your home with our window treatments, whether you're interested in woven wood shades or plantation shutters in Oceanside.

If you would like an estimate for woven wood shades in Oceanside, please call 760-207-4083 or complete our online request form.

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